10 really surprising sexual attractions

10 really surprising sexual attractions

While some people seem to cling firmly to their heterosexuality and their thousands of years old missionary position, others deviate from the general trend by experiencing sexual attractions that really stand out. These deviances are called paraphilia.

We list here the least known and the most surprising.

The dendrophilia

You like trees? We also love trees. And it is also the case for the dendrophile… Except that he likes trees differently. Indeed, dendrophilia designates the sexual attraction that a person feels towards a tree. It must be said that it is quite difficult to visualize a tree from a sexual point of view, yet this inclination does exist.


And it is even more difficult to associate vomit with sexual attraction. On the contrary, the very thought of vomit is repugnant to most people. However, some people may experience sexual attractions to vomit. This is called emetophilia. The emetophile experiences erotic pleasure at the sight of vomit, a person vomiting, or when he or she vomits.


Then there are those who will dare to say: “Vomit is really disgusting, but on the other hand, farting, personally I’m into it”… For most people, farting or flatulence is only a simple gas due to the functioning of the digestive system. But for some people, flatulence can actually cause sexual arousal. These people are called flatuphiles.


Headaches, coughs, a bad cold, being confined to bed for several days… It’s not really a joy to be sick. However, this is not what an asthenophile would say. Indeed, asthenophilia is a paraphilia that causes sexual excitement to the individual who is subject to it, when he is sick.


Have you ever met a cheapskate in your life? Or are you a cheapskate yourself? In any case, this is certainly not the case for the chrematistophile since chrematistophilia is a paraphilia whereby sexual arousal is experienced when a person gives money to another person. To be a chrematistophile, one must be very rich or a cashier…


Everyone loves beautiful cars and motorcycles. The mecanophile also, but in a different way. Mechanophilia is the paraphilia for individuals who feel  sexual attractions to machines like cars, planes, bikes, etc… If you have a mechanophile friend, don’t leave him/her alone in your car!


Many people hate small insects and have only one desire: to eliminate them to avoid stings. If a formicophile sees you doing this, he will certainly not be happy. Formicophilia is defined as feeling a sexual arousal from ants and other such insects. The formicophile will usually place the insects on his or her genitals, the sensation sought being tickling or stinging.


Acrotomophilia is the feeling of sexual attractions to people with one or more amputated limbs. After all, everyone deserves to be loved. Let’s just hope that this paraphilia doesn’t drive the subject to amputate someone’s limb.


If you were disgusted by the alien’s gaping maw while watching the movie, this is not the case for the exobiophile. Indeed, a person prone to exobiophilia feels an attraction for extraterrestrials. Unfortunately for the exobiophile, his or her fantasy is unrealizable, at least for the moment.


Of course, in general, the breasts are parts that arouse sexual attraction. But for the lactophile it goes further. Lactophilia or erotic lactation is the fact that a person feels sexual pleasure when breastfeeding. It could be a sexual experience you might want to try.