10 tips for a successful sex tape

10 tips for a successful sex tape - jubel festival

A sex tape is an erotic video or amateur pornographic video intended for private viewing. Watching yourself doing it can be very satisfying and is foreplay in itself; much like watching professional pornographic videos. It’s not enough to get up one day and decide to make a sex tape to do it, it takes some preparation to make it successful.

Here are some tips on how to make a successful sex tape

With what device to film?

The camera of a smartphone and especially an iPhone is what we recommend. It is more economical than a professional camera and can film in high definition.

A professional camera or a too big equipment can distort the feeling of intimacy. The iPhone is small and practical, very unremarkable and it allows to keep the feeling of intimacy.

With whom to make a sextape ?

The ideal is to make it with your companion to enhance your sex life and it avoids any risk of leakage. But if you are single, choose a person you trust and whose consent you have obtained to be filmed.

Favour the “Point Of View” for your sex tape

The “Point Of View” or “POV” is the art of filming in subjective camera giving the impression to the one who looks to be in the place of the one who holds the camera. This allows you to multiply the angles of shooting and you can exchange the camera at will which will make your film much more alive.

The fixed shot is to be banished except in certain positions where holding the camera at arm’s length will not give you a good angle of view. In these cases, you can put the camera on a fixed shot. But avoid using it often.

Avoid the vertical camera syndrome

To film with your phone, you need to keep it horizontal. Videos are meant to be played horizontally. When you shoot vertically, to view horizontally afterwards you will end up with unsightly black bands framing your video. This is very unpleasant and you won’t enjoy watching it as much.

Avoid scripting your sex tape

You are not shooting a pornographic movie so there is no need to script it. It has to be completely improvised. You must be natural and spontaneous with your partner and your complicity will do the rest for the success of your sex tape.

Do not plan anything in advance, especially not the positions, go with the feeling, everything must be natural as if there was not even a camera.

Beware of noise pollution on your sex tape

You should not put music on a sextape. It must be kept as natural as possible. Avoid all sound backgrounds like the sound of the television for example. This can mask other sounds that would be more exciting to hear.

If you want to keep the music, you can put it in the editing, but it’s a shame not to hear the voices on a sex tape.

Opt for simple positions

It’s all about pleasing yourself, not about showing off your flexibility or originality in the positions. Choose simple positions that focus on framing and are suitable for you and your partner to film what you like.

As position, we suggest the missionary, the drunken boat, the Andromache. You can also film a fellatio or a cunnilingus.

The lighting of your sex tape

It is necessary to take time to think about it. The light source should never light you from behind.

You can experiment to find the best lighting. Don’t just rely on lamp light; add other light sources or open windows to get daylight.

Don’t film unsightly parts

Pay attention to your partner’s complexes. If she doesn’t like her stomach or stretch marks, don’t film them to avoid discomfort when viewing. The man can also have complexes on certain parts of his body. It is important to pay attention to these small details and not to expose them in your sex tape.

Keep your sex tape within the couple

The primary purpose of the sex tape is to celebrate your partner. It is meant to be viewed by you and your partner.

It can be very exciting to watch porn, especially your very own amateur porn video. But after viewing, you may decide to delete it immediately. If you decide to keep it, be careful about where you keep it to avoid a leak, especially if your face is exposed.