First sodomy in the kitchen

First sodomy in the kitchen

This little piglet has a busy schedule today. She decided to get her ass licked by her friend’s boyfriend. For this unfaithful 19-year-old girl, this first sodomy must take place in the kitchen. The young X has no intention of letting himself be dictated to. He orders the girl to undress, then unzips her pants and discovers sex of 20 cm. But the tail has not yet taken its shape. Kneeling in front of him, the mouth has difficulty swallowing the monstrous acorn. She spits on it to help it slide on his lips.

The fellatio begins

But the infidel’s blowjob is too slow. So the slut, like in the XXX decides to stick a finger in the guy’s ass. The effect is immediate. The cock hardens and stands up. But it is even harder to swallow. With one hand she gives herself courage by masturbating with an agile finger. The pleasure facilitates the comings and goings of sex and the guy finally takes pleasure in this caress of a Breton woman. But we’re not going to have fun until we’ve finished the planned program.

A cunnilingus before sodomy

Lying with your thighs spread apart on the kitchen table, your depilated pussy is not yet wet enough. The Breton holds her legs apart to start licking the con and the small hole underneath. He is the target. The bites on her clit fail to make the girl come. His jerk lubricates the small hole in which the boyfriend slides one then two fingers. Then he puts a cucumber on her and moves it gently. The place is now enough for his enormous sex. He penetrates it and the contraption slides easily into the girl’s ass. The strokes of the kidneys accompanied by masturbation with a Vibro do not delay to make them take their foot at the same time.