He tells us about his naughty experiences with a Moroccan woman

naughty experiences with a Moroccan woman

Many people wonder what Moroccan women do when they are in bed. To satisfy you, we have interviewed a man who has had the opportunity to live this experience. Twenty-eight years old, Pascal is a building contractor, and he travels all the time in Morocco and Dubai.

Like other women, Arab women love sex.

Where and when did you first sleep with an Arab woman?

It was in Morocco! And that was in 2014. When I was working on a building site, I was working closely with a Moroccan woman. We got on well from the start! She was very nice. She was beautiful, I teased her from time to time, and one day she made a pass at me. On the building site, we had a small office, and we closed ourselves in. Once when the door was locked, we started kissing and then I helped her undress. The next day we did the same thing again, and she was my fuck buddy until the site was delivered.

It was like sleeping with a European woman, what are the differences?

I realised that she was just like any other woman. She loved sex. She was very open sexually, she gave me fellatio, and in return, I also sucked her pussy several times. But as a difference, I think that compared to other experiences I’ve had, this one is the hottest. I’ve slept with German, Czech and Norwegian women, but this one was the most desirable. She is also one of the few women that I had managed to bring to orgasm. Very sensitive, she trembled the first time I penetrated her.

Sleeping with a Moroccan woman is not dangerous?

Yes, of course, it is! But I have taken every precaution. The woman I had sex with was not married, and she was 22 years old at the time. And according to her, she doesn’t intend to do it because she prefers to focus on her career. Besides, she told me that she could never again marry a Moroccan man because she is no longer a virgin. Apart from that, she also told me a little secret. I was not her first lover (even though I already knew it). The first time she had sex was during her studies in France. After she returned home, she had a few casual relationships with some of her foreign colleagues like me. Today we still talk to each other, and if I were to do another workcamp in Morocco, I would, of course, contact her again.

Have you slept with other Moroccan girls?

No, not at all! As I told you, it’s quite delicate. Compared to the context there, it’s never advisable to sleep with a stranger in your hotel even if it’s an escort because you can quickly get into trouble. Nevertheless, some friends of mine have already done it without any problem, but I prefer not to do it. They were with young girls, and as they weren’t allowed to make love before marriage, they had to make do with a little treat from them.

How do you go about having sex with a Moroccan woman?

If you too want to have intimate relations with an Arab or Moroccan woman, it is straightforward to do so—no need to flirt or browse dating sites. On a sex cam site, there are quite a few Moroccan cam girls. Very sexy and very naughty, you won’t regret the experiences you will have with them.