How can we accept that loving hairy women is completely normal?

hairy women

We live in a world where it is much more common to see adult women shaved like little girls. And really, can it even be considered a fetish to love what grows naturally on a woman’s body: beautiful curly, thick hair around the pussy, ass and armpits?

Less than a hundred years ago, hairy women would have been the norm and, in fact, the opposite would have been considered completely abnormal. But you who love hairy women are now in an era where hair on a woman’s body is not only against fashion but is actually considered a fault.

Doesn’t everything smooth turn you on?

There’s no denying it: the personal style of today’s women is to have as little hair as possible. Modern women shave, use depilatory creams and wax to achieve smooth, hairless skin that everyone is supposed to find sensual and desirable.

The problem is that you want to see hair between a woman’s legs and under her arms. You like the fact that it has the musky scent of a woman’s body and adds softness to the experience of sex in many positions. But nowadays, if you go to the beach for example, you will see that hairy girls are a distinct minority. In fact, so many women pride themselves on a lack of body hair!

What does a lover of hairy women have to do in today’s world to satisfy the urge to bury their faces (and tails) in a fragrant tuft of hair?

The answer is a very modern solution: find ready, willing and hairy women online.

It may be possible to see hairy armpits in certain circumstances, but it’s really not possible to find this with your potential girlfriends, dates or relationships without ruffling a few hairs in the usual circumstances.

Of course, if you have a steady girlfriend, you can ask her if she wouldn’t mind throwing her razor away. You’ll then have the pleasure of watching her hair grow. But remember that even if she likes you, she may not be prepared to put up with curious looks, or people who assume that hairy women try to make a “feminist statement”, or that she is a lesbian, or a number of other ridiculous assumptions.

Even in our liberal world of the 21st century, having a preference for hairy women is still not something that is well understood. That kind of preference is something that is offensive when it is a true appreciation of a woman’s body in its natural state. What could be more “normal” than that?

hairy women


When it comes to casual dating and flirting, finding hairy women can be a bit of a nightmare or endless frustration. What happens when you meet someone you think you like in a bar or on the dance floor? At the end of the evening, how can you ask, “I’d like to take you to my apartment, but first I have to ask, do you shave? If the answer is yes, you can either continue with a less than fantastic encounter or end the night alone.

There’s really no good way to approach the subject. Even if the answer is no, it can come in the form of a break in the conversation, an awkward moment that can put a stop to anything that might happen afterwards.

Hairy armpits are also a turn-on.

Many men appreciate the soft touch of a woman’s skin, but there are many more who like to see and feel the soft hair growth. This not only excites the eyes, but also shows that a woman truly embraces her natural beauty.

Why should you be satisfied with a woman you are not attracted to? Go back to your roots by finding a woman who loves hair and is proud to have it. Her self-confidence proves that she is proud of her body and is not afraid to show it, which can mean a moment of pleasure for you and for her.

The modern solution

Naturally, personal hygiene becomes very important and you have your own preferences as to how you like your hairy women. On adult sites, once you’ve created your free profile, you can post ads looking for hairy girls and then filter the responses.

You can start by setting up online chats with potential candidates, where you can chat honestly without worrying about anyone’s funny ideas. And of course, you can see pictures to know exactly what you can expect from the meeting.

The world in general may not understand your preference for hairy women, but online you will find people who understand this, an open-minded community where you will feel at home. Beautiful and sexy women who want to look natural with hairy tufts and armpits are waiting for you to find them and appreciate what they can give.