Some sexual experiences you might want to try

sexual experiences you might want to try

Routine can cause tension in a couple. For a change of pace, here are some sexual experiences you might want to try.

Masturbating in front of your partner

Many men and women masturbate in secret. Therefore, why not do it in front of your partner. More exciting, this practice allows you to very little of your sexual pleasure. And to intensify things, the other could make naughty gestures or striptease.

Initiate yourself to BDSM

More and more popular, the practice of sadomasochism is one of the best alternatives to avoid routines. Basically, it consists of making your partner suffer abundantly. Among the most hardcore, there is bondage. Adapted for gays as for straights, it sometimes requires the use of various accessories such as a whip, handcuffs, ropes…

Insulting each other during sex

When you make love in a too serious way, you can easily get bored. And to spice up your sex life why not be barbaric and rude during sex. At the same time very exciting, it could also evacuate the anger that one feels towards the other.


Swinging is often taboo, but it can nevertheless open to a discovery a little particular. Being able to be done in a private club, it is also possible to practice it between friends. However, before taking this step, the couple must think well.


sexual experiences you might want to try

sexual experiences you might want to try

Making love to the same person for several years could be terribly boring. To this end, to change things and avoid falling into monotony, it is very advisable to do role-playing. And if you are out of ideas on what to do, you can read this article.