The art of facesitting


Even though many women have prejudices about fellatio, the majority love to have their men take care of their pussies. It’s called cunnilingus. But have you girls ever tried face-sitting? I’m sorry? Ever heard of it? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it.

From cunnilingus to facesitting

First of all, what’s facesitting? It’s an English word. As its name suggests (face = face and sit = to sit) it is the act of sitting on your partner’s face to practice with more excitement cunnilingus, and/or anilingus. More often, the gentleman lies on his back and waits patiently to receive his due, i.e. the sex of the lady that she serves him on a tray or rather her face. But very rarely, it is the man who goes to discover the sex of his sweetheart. Initially, it is a frequent practice in Sado Masochist (SM) circles. It is clearly fun to play roles, that of the dominant and the dominated. One of the partners comes to offer his sex without really giving the other one a choice. This act of oral sex is practiced differently even if you are not a fan of SM, there are several other ways to practice it. This is the soft version.

The facesitting for the first time:

We all know that, confidence and enthusiasm are the basis of sex. So there is no more exciting than a woman who knows exactly what she wants in bed and tells you. If you love to give your wife pleasure with your mouth, enjoy the smell of her pussy and the sweet mix of saliva and cyprin then you should definitely try facesitting.

Who to practice facesitting with:

Normally, it is advisable to adopt this practice with your husband or someone you make love with regularly at the risk of shocking or scaring away your one-night stand. For the first time, you should not speed things up. The best thing is to talk to your spouse to find out whether or not it is appropriate for him or her because this practice requires a very high level of intimacy. Between the pressure you exert on his face, and your legs blocking his head between your thighs, it’s impossible to escape. He will breathe it, smell it, taste it and live it in all its glory. It’s almost suffocating.

Be excited before you do it:

The practice of oral sex requires a great deal of excitement. You don’t put your mouth in someone’s sex when you don’t feel like having sex. You can start with position 69 to get into the mood and then slide your sex into the man’s face and let him eat you from the outside.

One in front of the other:

For a first one, try facing him while putting your knees on either side of his head to bring your hip down so that your vagina rubs against his face. You have complete control over your movements and you can even see the expression on her face… Then continue until you reach orgasm!

Now that we’re done with the Soft version, let’s see the SM version.

The facesitting SM version

As said before, facesitting is at its genesis, a technique practiced in the SM world and there is clearly a concept of dominating and dominating. While in the soft way, the woman simply rubs her pussy and clitoris against her man’s face, in the SM version she will sit on her face.

Sitting on her face: this time the position is different. Your partner always lying on his back, you come and sit on his head with your back turned to him. In this version, the buttocks are on either side of her face and your vagina is right in her mouth. This is a somewhat dangerous practice because it prevents your partner from breathing and therefore not free of his movements. So be careful when trying it anyway.

From cunnilingus to anilingus

In the middle of a face-sitting action, the excitement is at its peak, the man just as excited as the woman devours everything that passes over his face. So his tongue will wander not only between the clitoris and the vagina, but also his partner’s anus. So there is rarely facesitting without the anilingus.

Now that cunnilingus, facesitting and anilingus no longer hold any secrets for you, you can get started. Don’t forget that you must do it with your loved one, your everyday partner or your husband with his consent of course. And above all, you must enjoy it.